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USB Condenser Microphone

USB Condenser Microphone

HIGH QUALITY SOUND - 16 bit, 48kHz sampling rate and a flat frequency response enhances intelligibility of vocals, depth and detail of the voice and ensures the performer’s sound resonates with the listener. Omni-directional polar pattern keeps your voice with 360 degree sounds pickup.  Great for podcast recording in home studio.

EASY TO CONTROL - Touch mute button instantly and silently mutes the mic and the built-in LED indicator tells you the mic status. No need to set any keyboard shortcuts or to mute the software.

PLUG & PLAY - With high speed USB connection and doesn't require phantom power to operate. Just plug it in the computer and you’re good to go. Compatible with on Windows PC, Mac, PS4 and laptop for recording, podcasting (Incompatible with xbox, phone, ipad).

USEFUL ACCESSORIES - The shock mount isolates the mic from vibrations and it's also equipped with a locking knob for easy angle adjustment. The windscreen is designed with acoustically transparent foam to filter unwanted breath and plosives. It also comes with a 8.2' type A to type C USB cable.

Classics appearance, patented design, private mold
High quality condenser mic capsule, omnidirectional, 360°picks up sound
Built in filter sponge, eliminate noises
One touch button with LED light
Plug and play, easy operation

Sample rate: 48KHz /16bit
SPL: 110dB
Frequency Response:  30Hz-18KHz
Sensitivity: -30dB±3dB    
cable length:   2m

The package includes 1*USB microphone, 1*metal Tripod, 1*USB cable, 1*User manual.

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