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Wireless charging and RFID and NFC absorbing materials

Wireless charging and RFID and NFC absorbing materials

Application of absorbing materials

Absorbing material can reduce most of the absorption of electromagnetic wave, electromagnetic wave interference with components, can reduce the electromagnetic coupling between, inhibition of electronic components, to realize the integration of IC card, tag and metal, especially suitable for the induction frequency of 125 KHZ and 13.56 MHz, ID card and RFID electronic tag card can normal use in metal and electromagnetic interference environment, have the effect of isolation and absorption of electromagnetic interference.

Application characteristics of wave absorbing material:

1) RFID is applied to improve the readability and sensitivity;
2) absorb electromagnetic waves and reduce the interference of electromagnetic waves on components;
3) the integration of IC label/card and metal can be realized;
4) reduce and inhibit electromagnetic coupling between electronic components;
5) with isolation performance, improve the product's ability to resist electronic interference.

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Product Details

Product features

Product name: wireless charge/bus card/RFID/NFC absorbing material

Product thickness: 0.1mm,0.15mm,0.2mm(can be customized)

Product specifications: customized according to customer requirements

Applicable temperature:-40℃ - +85℃

Safety:no toxicity,no taste,no halogen

Application:bus card,access control card,wireless charging,NFC/RFID equipment

Product featuress

Anti-emi frequency range is wide;

Thin thickness,specific can be customized according to the requirements;

Good flexibility,bending resistance,easy to die-cutting processing;

Low thermal resistance,in accordance with Rohs/HF standards,no pollution to protect the environment;

Product Structure

Application Scenarios

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