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5 common questions about how to choose RFID metal tags

Author:admin   AddTime:2021-07-05

We often encounter customers consulting how to choose the right RFID tag, how to obtain the best read and write performance, what is the difference from similar products on the market, and how to install the RFID tag and how the performance of the RFID tag is more stable in the metal environment, etc. problem. We have selected the 5 most frequently asked questions to answer.

What kind of RFID metal tag will be recommended?

To choose RFID tags in a particular application, many factors need to be considered, such as the price of the tag, the physical size and shape of the tag; but the reading distance and the material of the tag, the material of the mounting surface, the installation method and the shape of the tag must be considered more. The surrounding environment (including metal, humidity, current and other factors), these factors are related to the durability and read and write performance of the tag. To achieve high-quality and reliable tag reading and writing effects, it is necessary to analyze multiple variables in the environment. You can quickly understand the parameters, performance and application of each label through the product manual.

Why is there a certain difference between the read-write distance of the tag and the experimental data?

The label will make certain design adjustments according to the application environment, such as adding a protective coating or creating a gap to avoid the label being directly installed on the metal. These practices may reduce the performance of the label, so that the actual performance is less different from the originally designed performance.

In most cases, the tag will lose a certain reading distance due to the impact of the application environment, especially when the tag is embedded in metal or installed in a multi-metal environment. Ordinary tags will maintain a certain performance for the time being, but if you want to achieve sustained and stable tag performance, you must choose a tag that matches the application environment. The technical team will help customers optimize the tag frequency according to the actual application environment.

How to install tags on assets?

After ensuring the read and write performance of the tag in a harsh environment, the problem of installing the tag will follow one after another, which is also one of the biggest challenges in RFID applications. High-performance metal labels can withstand high temperatures or immerse into liquids, but the back glue of the label may not be able to withstand it. The most ideal application is to embed the tag in the asset to ensure that the tag is not affected by the external environment to the greatest extent, but in actual applications, the embedded method does not necessarily meet the actual needs.

Adhesive is one of the most commonly used methods when installing labels. When choosing adhesive, a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the application environment is required. The extremely cold environment will also affect the performance of the adhesive and cause the label to become brittle and fragile. Therefore, it is necessary to fully consider the storage environment of the label and the temperature of the work process. Not all applications can use adhesive to install the label, other common installation methods include bolting, loop suspension or epoxy glue fixing. With rich experience and application cases in label installation, our products also support all the installation methods mentioned above.

What are the potential sources of interference in the application environment?

The fact that the label is not directly attached to the metal does not mean that it will not be interfered by the metal. If there is a lot of metal around the asset on which the tag is installed, or the asset will go through a multi-metal storage environment during the movement, the use of the tag must be carefully judged to ensure stable and reliable performance.

Can high temperature labels be used in all high temperature applications?

Not necessarily. Many different applications require labels to withstand high temperatures. For example, a label designed to be used in a dry heat environment cannot be used in a high temperature and high pressure steam sterilization environment, nor may it meet other types of high temperature applications. The high-temperature series labels are designed for different types of applications to meet the RFID applications with different high-temperature requirements, such as vehicle painting workshops, medical high-temperature and high-pressure steam sterilization, etc.

How to correctly choose and use RFID metal tags for the industrial market is not as simple as choosing ordinary RFID tags. If you have any questions about label application and installation, please contact us. Our sales and technical team will definitely provide you with a suitable market And applied solutions.

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