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Flexible absorbing material

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Flexible absorbing material refers to a type of material that can absorb the electromagnetic wave energy projected on its surface. In engineering applications, in addition to requiring a high absorption rate of electromagnetic waves in a wide frequency band, the absorbing material is also required to have light weight, temperature resistance, humidity resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Flexible absorbing materials are products of the expansion of absorbing materials. They have emerged with the rise of electric power and telecommunications technology. Its application range is extremely wide. Flexible absorbing materials are mostly used in homes.

In the fields of electricity, information technology, automobiles, and other supporting fields, the most important thing is that flexible absorbing materials as the main raw materials for the production of electronic components have brought far less demand for them. In electronic equipment, the high frequency noise generated by the flat circuit will have an unstable impact on the system. The limited circuit board area is wide, and it is not possible to install a filter when it is flat. At this time, use a flexible absorbing material to cover the entire The interference surface forms an absorption heat conversion.

Types of

The application types of flexible absorbing materials are mainly divided into sheets and non-echo anechoic chambers. Since materials of different thicknesses have different attenuation effects on cavity resonance in different frequency bands, flexible absorbing materials of different thicknesses can be selected for different applications. Generally speaking, the effective thickness of the flexible absorbing material is proportional to the wavelength of the target application, or inversely proportional to the frequency. One of the main applications of anechoic anechoic chambers is EMC testing. Among them, the most commonly used are anechoic anechoic chamber tests in the fields of automobiles, microwave antennas, radar, aerospace, etc., and all electronic products (such as electronic components, medical imaging equipment, communications Equipment, digital cameras, mobile phones) also require related darkroom tests. At the same time, the various parameter standards of the darkroom test will be different according to the different test targets.

1. Suitable for EMC absorbing materials, with a maximum initial permeability of 135 and excellent permeability characteristics;
2. It has excellent electromagnetic wave absorption effect in a wide frequency band (10MHZ-3GHZ);
3. It is suitable for various cables of mobile phones, FPCs, computers, IC chips, LCD/digital video camera motherboards, PDP/digital cameras, etc.

Physical and chemical conditions
1. When the size of the metal powder or metal component exceeds the skin depth value by one order of magnitude or not more than one order of magnitude, and the dielectric component completely insulates the metal component evenly distributed in volume, the material will absorb Maximum wave power;
2. Under the conditions of heat, corrosion and other influences, the structure, composition and performance of the absorbing material should have a high degree of stability.

Material classification
Flexible absorbing materials can be divided into traditional and new flexible absorbing materials.
Among them, traditional flexible absorbing materials are classified into resistive absorbing materials, dielectric absorbing materials and magnetic medium absorbing materials according to their microwave loss mechanism.
New flexible absorbing materials include: nanomaterials, polycrystalline iron fibers, chiral materials, conductive polymer absorbing materials, plasma absorbing materials and visible light, infrared and radar compatible absorbing materials, etc.

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