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Wireless charging (magnetic conduction / isolation

Wireless charger is from the 220 V power supply into a sympathetic electromagnetic field, and then the sympathetic electromagnetic field generates a sympathetic electromagnetic field, from the sympathetic electromagnetic field into current charging; when the sympathetic electromagnetic field meets the metal, it will produce electron eddy current, which will produce skin effect on the metal, generate heat energy on the metal, reduce the charging efficiency and waste electric energy. And it interferes with the main board of the circuit and affects the normal operation of the whole charger. The efficiency can be improved by using magnetic isolation and absorbing materials to provide circuit for sympathetic magnetic field through high magnetic flux.

1、Add magnetic separator to wireless charging
In order to improve the charging efficiency and ensure the safety of use, the current mainstream solution is to stick a magnetic separator on the back of the coil at the transmitting end and receiving end of the wireless charger. The wireless charger is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic wave induction to charge. There is a coil at the transmitting end and a coil at the receiving end. The coil at the transmitting end is connected with a wired power supply to generate electromagnetic signal, and the coil at the receiving end senses the electricity at the transmitting end Magnetic signal generates current to charge the battery; the magnetic separator attached to the antenna at the transmitting end can enhance the magnetic field strength of the coil, and has a high magnetic convergence effect; the magnetic separator placed on the antenna at the receiving end can prevent the attenuation interference of the metal conductor on the magnetic field, play the role of metal isolation, prevent energy waste, and improve the charging efficiency.

2、 Process flow:
1) Molding
Mainly tape casting, the equipment involved are tape casting machine, in addition, there are pressing molding;

2) Sintering
The magnetic powder is sintered at high temperature (900 ~ 1500) in nitrogen atmosphere, and the equipment involved is a nitrogen sintering furnace. Haichen furnace industry, Hefei Gaoge and LSK are all suppliers of such equipment;

3) Detection
The magnetic properties and apparent properties of materials were tested;

4) Slice
The sintered material is cut into thin slices;

5) Film

After the ferrite needs to be broken, it is pasted with protective film and double-sided adhesive tape to cooperate with the coil to make the module.

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